Call Any One From Any Mobile Number

بـــــــــــسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi friends ! so many of our users had requested me to provide a tricks which unables them to Call Any One From Any Number .Today i am very happy to say you that i have got a trick for that means you can do the same.I will not waste your time. Just follow simple steps and enjoy.

First of all open
*Select The country Of Mobile Number From which you want to call(This number will be shown in victim's mobile).
*Enter the Mobile Number which you want to show on your Enemie's Mobile.
*Enter the Mobile Number of person(enemy) to call .
*If you want to change your voice ,you can choose voice change means pitch change option otherwise leave it.
*Enter on Get Me a Code
*After that you will see Your Code along with a number .
*Just dial the number first from your mobile and when asked enter the code you have just got.
Your phone will be redirected and thus enjoy.
Please note that this service is not free so balanced will be deducted from your mobile.

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