Toshiba تكشف عن كاميرة الفيديو Camileo P100 و B10 للشرق الأوسط

أعلنت اليوم شركة توشيبا عن أنضمام أفراد جديد لعائلة Camileo وهي عباره عن كاميرات فيديو نحيلة التصميم سهلة الأمساك وقوية المواصفات وهنالك فردين جديدين قادمان إلى الشرق الأوسط وأوروبا وأفريقيا . الكاميرا B10 هي التي على يمينكم بتصميم الكاندي بار  وتتميز هذه الكاميرا أنه يمكنك تصوير فيديو عالي الدقه على كاميرا تبلغ دقتها 16 ميجابيكسل بتقريب 16 مرّه  والسعه 64 جيجابايت مع منفذ للذاكرة الخارجيه SDXC .هنالك أخيه P100 بنفس المواصفات ماعدا التقريب فهو 8 مرّات .لاتوجد معلومات عن الأسعار لكن من المتوقع أن يتم أصدارهما في الربع الثاني من العام الجاري.

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Toshiba adds two action camcorders with powerful zoom options and content sharing function to its CAMILEO range

Neuss, Germany, 5th April 2010 – Toshiba Europe GmbH today unveiled two new camcorders with Full HD capability: the CAMILEO P100 and the CAMILEO B10. The CAMILEO B10 is targeted at active, sporty people; adventure travellers; the young and the young-at-heart. These consumers value a neat, robust camcorder that can be kept close at hand for spontaneous shots, but they don’t want to compromise on picture quality. The CAMILEO P100, with an ergonomic ‘pistol grip’ and powerful optical zoom, is an ideal all-round companion for any occasion. Both new CAMILEO family members will be available during the second quarter of 2011 in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Easy to use, easy to share

Both the CAMILEO B10 and the CAMILEO P100 feature Toshiba’s graphical user interface with clearly arranged icons and an easily navigable, intuitive menu. Thanks to each camcorder’s compatibility with flash memory cards supporting the 64 GB SDXC standard, users have enough space to store their videos and photos. Plus, the CAMILEO Upload Button allows easy uploading of videos to social networks to share videos with friends and family members. To stream photos and video clips directly to a large HD display, the camcorders offer an HDMI® Digital AV output.
CAMILEO P100: Advanced optical zoom and less editing

The CAMILEO P100 features an advanced zoom that allows greater detail to be captured of far-off scenes with an 8x magnification for brilliant Full HD videos. When switched into photo mode, the CAMILEO P100 offers a 5x optical zoom at 16 megapixels resolution using real time interpolation.

The CAMILEO P100 automatically connects scenes when the new Pause Button is pressed. This means that users can pause their recording and then continue later within the same clip.
CAMILEO B10 – captures adventures in Full HD
In addition to the easy video upload to social networks feature, the CAMILEO B10 also can serve as a web cam. Users can simply connect the camcorder via USB to a laptop with web access to stay in touch with friends and family members. With a weight of only 108g grams, the CAMILEO B10 is a very robust, pocketsize companion that can always be at hand for spontaneous shots. Video stabilisation -combined with the motion detection feature – gives sharp, crisp pictures even of action scenes
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