Top 10 Adsense Revenue Sharing Site

Top 10 Adsense Revenue Sharing Site
These site share their revenue to their members.Members only share their knowlege through blog,photo etc.You did not need to optimize or placement of your adsense ads.These site do these for you.

  1. Knol- Knol is a site similar to Squidoo or Hubpages, but Knol is made by google. You earn 100% AdSense revenue from Knol. There´s no referral program.
  2. Hubpages- One of the best sites, where you can make money writing.Hubpages has a great community, many wonderful and very talented people, who can help you out.This amazing site gives you 60% AdSense, Amazon, eBay and Kontera.Hubpages also has a referral system, you get 10%, your refer gets 60% and hubpages gets the rest.So if You are interested making money online sign up now.
  3. Squidoo- Site very similar to Hubpages.You get 50% ad revenue and you can donate it away if you want.They also have a referral program, when you invite someone who makes at least 15$ at squidoo you get 5$.
  4. Trendhunter- This site has more than 9 million unique page views every month, so when you get your “trend” at the first site, it can  be very profitable. They share 50% of the AdSense revenue. They have no referral program.
  5. Xomba- Xomba is a site were you can write your own content and get 50% revenue. This site also has a referral program, where you get 10%, your referral gets 50% and xomba gets 40%.
  6. She Told Me- Definitely one of my favorites.Shetoldme is a digg-like site, site gives you 100% AdSense revenue from ad placed near your scoop.They also have a great referral program, that pays you 100%, the ad is located at your referrals scoop, below the tag section.If you are looking for a dofollow site that pays you, this is the best i have found.
  7. Flixya- You can upload videos and photos and you can keep 100% AdSense revenue with this site.
  8. Triond- Similar site to Hubpages, you can write articles and earn AdSense revenue.Triond gives you 50% AdSense revenue, paying it to your paypal account every 15th of the month.Triond has no referral program.The layout of the site is amazingly comfortable and that seems to be the only reason, why Triond is growing extremely fast
  9. Info Barrel- Similar to Hubpages, but you write “Barrels” not hubs.Info Barrel gives you 75% AdSense ad impressions and you can also use Chitika there and Amazon as well.They have a referral program, where you get 2% of google ad impressions.
  10. Zoomley – A site similar to Snipsly , but they give you 90% of adsense impressions.Site is relatively new and is still a work in progress. They don´t have a referral program.

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