Encrypt4all: Powerful tool to encrypt strings files

Encrypt4all is a powerful tool to encrypt strings files that you can encrypt your privates messages, easy to use, many ways to protect and secure your private documents, password protected your files and folders, encrypted archive cannot be open without its password (even if moved to another pc), locked folders cannot be open in other PCs or other Operating System, allows you to hide your files and folders, ability to create global protected folder in every drive that you can copy/move your private documents to it, NO ONE can open your global protected folders without master password of program,Free theme maker that you can create themes for Encrypt4all and share it with your friends, Encrypt4all works on (win9x, win2000, winxp, win2003, win vista) 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operating systems, any type of physical media may be used to store and access the data on encrypted archives, it integrates nicely with Windows Explorer.
Encrypt4all can protect your:
  • Email messages
  • MP3 Files
  • PDF Files
  • Flash Files
  • Database files
  • USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick, Zip Drive
  • Office documents
  • Family photos and videos.
  • Company projects and source code.
  • Financial information.
  • Copyrighted material.
  • Notebook computer
Retail price: $39.99
: 92%
: $36.99
: 100 (Check remaining availability)
Buy: Encrypt4all Professional @ SoftBuy (Shareware, $3)
: Trial version | 1.2 MB

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