Company Qualcomm unveils processor Snapdragon APQ8060

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

If you do not know anything about this wizard, it means you did not follow the HP is the first company in the world use the processor APQ8060 in organ Tablet TouchPad and of course Qualcomm time has come, also boasted in front of everyone and say this, but DNA processor with a processor graphics Adreno 220 completely new and never that the company has to provide these pieces in a tablet such as this which will help to raise performance and to deal with graphics three-dimensional, the company says that the wizard is ready to use either hardware tablets or for mobile phones and mention mobile phones phone or device can provide accuracy up to 16 megapixel and can be imaged and transmit the content manner in regular way or three-dimensional technology, all under the umbrella of the 1080 F. HP Dechlte the market and strongly!! [Qualcomm]

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