Windows 7 Edition

Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate : are no-compromise
editions for people who want everything Windows 7 has to offer*.

Windows 7 Professional : is everything you need for work and home.
This business-focused edition is great for small- and medium-sized
companies, and people who have networking, backup, and security
needs and multiple PCs or servers.

Windows 7 Home Premium : is the best entertainment experience on
your PC. This edition provides full functionality on the latest hardware,
easy ways to connect, and a visually rich environment.

Windows 7 Home Basic : makes the things you do every day faster and
easier. This edition is designed for value PCs in emerging markets.

Windows 7 Starter Edition : is the entry-level edition for small notebook
PCs and other PCs with limited hardware. It makes using your PC simpler.

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