voice over internet protocol project

Feature voip implementation:

* Answer/answer release

Call connection

Call coverage

Call forwardall (off-net/on-net)

Call forwardbusy

Call forwardno answer

Call hold/retrieve

Call park/pickup

Call pickup group-universal

Call status per line (state, duration, number)

Call waiting/retrieve

Calling Line Identification (CLID)

Calling party name identification (CNID)

Direct inward dial (DID)

Direct outward dial (DOD)

Directory dial from phonecorporate, personal

Directoriesmissed, placed, received calls list stored on selected IP phones

Distinctive ring (on-net versus off-net)

Distinctive ring per phone

Drop last conference party (ad-hoc conferences)

Hands-free, full-duplex speaker phone

HTML helps access from phone

Last number redials (off-net/on-net)

Message waiting indication

Multiparty conferenceAd-hoc with add-on, Meet-me

Multiple line appearances per phone

Mute capability from speaker phone and handset

On-hook dialing

Recent dial listcalls to phone, calls from phone, auto-dial, and edit dial

Single directory number, multiple phonesbridged line appearances

Speed dialmultiple speed dials per phone

Station volume controls (audio, ringer)

Transferwith consultation hold

User-configured speed dial and call forward through Web access

User-configured speed dial and call forward through Web access

Web services access from phone

Unity Voice Mail

Axon voip implementation

What is axon?

* Axon is a virtual PBX designed to manage

Calls within a business or call center

Environment. It is installed on a Windows

Server and connects to phone lines and

Extensions using VoIP. The software

Routes all calls and offers all the normal

Features of a PBX such as allowing

Internal or external calls.


Manages telephone calls

Unlimited number of extensions or external lines.

supports all the standard PBX features like call

Transfer, hold, and record.

uses the open SIP standard for signaling (RFC 3261)

Works with hardware type VoIP extensions which

Just plug into the LAN

Works with computer based soft phones (eg. the

Express Talk Soft phone) where you make calls

Through your computer.

Links directly to VoIP services for your external

Lines (with cheaper calls).


Abbreviation :

SIP session initial protocol

VOIP voice over internet protocol

QOS quality of service

PSTN→ public switched telephone network

ATA→ analog telephone adapter

ATM→ asynchronous transfer mode

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