OS & network

*Operating system fundamental

-User interface

-File system management

-Device management

-Boot and installation routine

-Error handling capability

-Housekeeping utilities

-Network capability

*Domain name system server:

It is the host device which collect the computer name in network and addresses, and

Make dns service.

*Dns (domain name system):

It is service to give name to the computer (node) in network-

Or internet or LANs, and by this name we can limit the

Location of this node by name.

-Translate this name to ip address


HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol)

WWW (World Wide Web)

NIC (network interface card)

FTP (file transfer protocol)

UTP (user datagram protocol)

TCP (transmission control protocol)

MAC (media access control)

DNS (domain name system)

LLC (logical link control)

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